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Welcome to EmailReseller

Welcome to EmailReseller, where we are really passionate about giving individuals and companies access to cutting-edge email solutions. Our main goal is to provide you with a comprehensive suite of e-mail functionalities, designed to enhance your communication experience like never before. Unlike many other providers, we take e-mail seriously - it's not just an additional service for us; it's the foundation of all we do. With us, you have the choice to use the e-mail features on your domain name or pick from our large selection of domain possibilities.

Access email everywhere

Your emails follow you everywhere you go! Whether you use a smartphone or tablet, PC, or laptop, you can stay connected and manage your messages, calendars, projects, and contacts seamlessly across all of your devices. Additionally, with our secure online interface, you can access your e-mails from virtually anywhere.

Your privacy is our priority

Privacy is a top priority at EmailReseller. Your data is safe and always available since we've created a reliable and redundant IT environment that is only used for email functions. Rest assured that your emails are private; we never pry into your private correspondence for commercial or other reasons.

Simple secure e-mail control panel

Our cutting-edge web-based email client has been developed to meet all of your requirements. Simple creation of email accounts, aliases, forwarders, and groups. Your ability to exactly personalize your communication set-up is at your fingertips. You have control over your e-mail security with the option to set preferences for viruses, spam, and harmful files.

There's more, too! Our top priority is your convenience, therefore we give an extra degree of security to your digital communication by encrypting emails using PGP and offering secure SSL connections.

Ready for the future

With EmailReseller, you get ample room to grow. You may store all of your communications and files on our 30GB hard space, ensuring that you are ready for whatever the future may bring.

Join us today

Come along with us as we redefine email services. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in managing your digital communication efficiently, while our vision is to create a world where e-mail becomes an effortless and seamless part of your daily life.