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  • Are you tired of dealing with email service with low quality features?
  • Would you like a dedicated secure email service that is free of hassles and unwanted extra features or charges?

    Email Reseller offers a specialized service that is meant to run efficiently and smoothly 24/7 for a very accessible cost!

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    What can you do with Email Reseller?

    If that is the case, you are going to find the services provided by Email Reseller to be optimal for your needs. When the goal is to setup a functional email with a company that is 100% focused on the maintenance and performance of their email services, you can’t go wrong with Email Reseller.

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    The features and options are numerous

    01 Create Email Accounts

    Establish personalized email accounts that resonate with your brand or personal identity.

    E-mail account
    02 Create Email Aliases

    Manage multiple email addresses under one account to streamline your communications.

    E-mail aliases
    03 Email Forwarders

    Easily redirect incoming emails to the right recipients with our user-friendly email forwarding feature.

    E-mail forwarders
    04 E-mail Groups

    Collaborate effectively by creating email groups and effortlessly communicate with specific teams or departments.

    E-mail groups
    05 Enhanced Security

    Set your preferences for viruses, spam, and dangerous files to ensure a safe and secure email experience.

    Enhanced security
    06 PGP Encryption

    Protect your sensitive information with PGP encryption, keeping your emails private and confidential.

    PGP encryption
    07 SSL Connections

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your email communications are secured through SSL connections.

    Secure Socket Layer
    08 Hassle-Free Migration

    Import your emails from your previous provider at no additional cost, making the transition seamless.

    Hassle free migration
    09 Storage Options

    Store your emails in either the USA or EU, providing you with flexible storage choices based on your preferences.

    Storage options


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely! With Email Reseller, you can easily create email aliases for specific purposes, helping you organize and manage your communication efficiently

    Watch the video below how you can easily and quickly create a secure email account via the EmailReseller dashboard. Before you can create an email account, you must have added a domain name to the EmailReseller dashboard. Watch the movie here

    Creating a new email account with Email Reseller is easy. Simply sign-up for an account on Email Reseller, choose a domain name, and follow the setup instructions. Within minutes, your new email account will be ready for use.

    Yes, Email Reseller offers customer support to assist you with any technical issues or queries you may have regarding their services.

    You get sufficient room to store your communications and files, as Email Reseller provides 30GB of hard space, ensuring you have enough storage for your present and future needs

    By choosing for Email Reseller services, you benefit from a highly specialized team exclusively committed to email maintenance and support. This results in enhanced email deliverability, reduced downtime, improved security measures, and superior customer service for any email-related issues or queries.

    You can access your emails on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Email Reseller ensures that your emails follow you wherever you go, making it easy to stay connected and manage your communication on the go.

    Email Reseller is a specialized service that focuses exclusively on providing email hosting solutions for businesses

    We're here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features.

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    We have exclusive plans for you to choose

    Starter Plan
    € 3.99

    Per Month

    • 50GB Storage Space
    • 100 aliases
    • 100 forwarders
    • 5 groups
    • shared mailbox
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    Basic Plan
    € 9.99

    Per Month

    • 200GB Storage Space
    • 300 aliases
    • 300 forwarders
    • 20 groups
    • 1 shared mailbox
    Buy now
    Professional Plan
    € 19.99

    Per Month

    • 500GB Storage Space
    • 1000 aliases
    • 1000 forwarders
    • 50 groups
    • 10 shared mailboxes
    Buy now


    What our customers say

    Avatar user Jonathon McCoy
    Jonathon McCoy
    Jonathon McCoy

    UX Designer

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    I have been using an email reseller for my business for over a year now, and I cannot recommend them enough. Their dedicated secure email service has been a game-changer for me. I no longer have to worry about my sensitive information being compromised, thanks to their top-notch security measures.

    default avatar image
    Willem John Picker
    Willem John Picker

    business owner

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    As a small business owner, I appreciate the simplicity and transparency of this email reseller's services. I get a dedicated secure email service without the hassle of unwanted extra features or hidden charges. It's refreshing to have a straightforward and reliable service that I can trust.

    Avatar image Otis the wild
    Otis the wild
    Otis the wild


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    One of the things I love about this email reseller is their exceptional customer support. Whenever I have a question or concern, their team is always there to assist me promptly and efficiently. Knowing that I have reliable support gives me peace of mind and confidence in their email services.

    Avatar image Lasse de vries
    Lasse de Vries
    Lasse de Vries

    private person

    Logo twitter Logo Facebook

    I am impressed with the user-friendly interface of this email reseller. It's effortless to navigate and manage my emails. I can easily organize my inbox and find important messages without any confusion. It's refreshing to have a clean and hassle-free email experience.

    Avatar image Levi William Liansson
    Levi William Liansson
    Levi William Liansson

    IT engineer

    Logo twitter Logo Facebook

    The fact that this email reseller offers their dedicated secure email service for an affordable honest price is simply amazing. In a world where everything seems to have high prices and low services.